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Common Seal Store (CSS) is India’s only website for ordering Common Seal online. Understanding the importance of common seal for the company, we maintain high standards for authentication of orders.

We are pleased to introduce Business Partner Program (BPP) for Practicing Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Law Book Sellers and Stationery Vendors. Under this program a dedicated discount coupon of 4% (four percent) shall be given to registered business partners. This discount coupon shall be used unlimited times, till the account is activated as business partner. CSS reserves the right to discontinue the program anytime, if it finds any suspicious activity on particular account or otherwise.

The BPP shall be activated only after verification of details submitted by the applicant using the Application Form. Please make sure that all the details are correct as per respective institute’s record and you are using the same email address at CSS which is also registered in institute’s record.